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Hebei Tongming Welding Materials Co. Ltd. is an international independent research and development, production and sales of professional welding company; founded in June 2008, a total investment of 10 million yuan, covers an area of 100 acres; with more than 40 years, there are a lot of professional technology in raw materials, production equipment, production technology and other fields, for the development of technology has accumulated deep foundation.

"TONGMING" brand welding materials have a full range of high efficiency, low and high alloy welding products in line with customer requirements.

Mainly divided into carbon steel, stainless steel, wear-resistant and heat-resistant steel, low temperature steel, high strength steel, weathering steel and other varieties of cored wire production research and development capability of detection. Product specifications, and material development and production tasks to undertake all kinds of users have special requirements, matching the cooperation with famous domestic iron and steel enterprises to develop new steel welding materials, to meet the needs of various projects; widely used in shipbuilding, marine engineering, petroleum chemical industry, electric power, boiler, pressure vessel, piping, vehicles and other industries.

The company has a team of innovative R & D team, and practice to constantly explore the frontiers of technology. Testing equipment, to reach the world advanced level. The quality system not only through the ISO19001 quality certification, also have nuclear power, boiler, shipbuilding and other fields of the third party quality certification.

Company uphold integrity, unity, innovation, execution, service business philosophy; to carry out marketing and service and marketing strategies for our customers; the welding quality, and provides professional consultation of welding technology, has established a perfect pre-sale and customer service service system; in the globe and domestic major cities are equipped with set sales and service of professional sales and service network.

The company has a group with rich experience in technology development and application of professional personnel, increasing research and development efforts, the adjustment of product structure, rich product diversification to provide quality products and perfect solution for domestic and foreign customers with the spirit to the purpose; integrity management, continuous innovation, strict execution, service customers around the world, for the welding industry the glory of success.

Integrity, unity, innovation, execution, service - professional manufacturer of welding consumables, tailored